Swan River Seaplanes – Margaret River Wine Tours

Fly direct from the Swan River, Perth, to the world-renowned Margaret River wine region with Swan River Seaplanes!

Swan River Seaplanes is a unique luxury tourism operator specialising in Margaret River Wine Tours. Departing from the Swan River, we will fly you along the stunning WA coast to Margaret River. Once you arrive, you will be taken on a guided visit to hand picked wineries, taste award-winning wines and enjoy a gourmet winery meal. Swan River Seaplanes will then fly you back to Perth, landing on the Swan River.

This amazing experience allows you to explore the best of Western Australia‚Äôs beautiful south west, in a quick, convenient and thrilling way!  Bring your family and friends to take in spectacular aerial views of unique scenery, sample award-winning wines and indulge in gourmet Australian cuisine on one of our unique wine tours of Margaret River.

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"Swan River Seaplanes Tours Margaret River - An adventurous, luxurious experience of WA's unique south west, unlike anything else you've ever tried."

Day Tour

Priced at $795 per person, the Swan River Seaplanes Margaret River Day tour consists of an unforgettable all inclusive day-tour.