New Tour – Ultimate Pink Lake and Abrolhos Islands Seaplane Adventure


Post Office Island, Abrolhos Islands

Imagine a day filled with the breathtaking sights of Western Australia’s natural wonders, from the remote Abrolhos Islands to the vibrant Pink Lake, all seamlessly combined with aerial views of The Pinnacles and Rottnest Island. Until now, experiencing these iconic destinations in a single day seemed impossible, but Swan River Seaplanes is about to change that.

After extensive research and a deep understanding of the allure of the Abrolhos Islands, Swan River Seaplanes is crafting a unique solution for time-constrained visitors eager to soak in Western Australia’s natural beauty.

Pink Lake, Hutt Lagoon

“The idea stemmed from the growing demand from international travel agents and inbound tour operators based in Perth who need new exciting ways for their customers to see the Pink Lake and Abrolhos Islands. They are always looking for ways to offer travellers the chance to check off their bucket list destinations without committing to a lengthy 4 or 5-day tour. The timing appears to be right, with the international market making a strong comeback as well as the ability for us to work with forward thinking tourism operators such as Jesse and Michela Liddon from Post Office Island. There is also such strong support from Tourism WA in particular Nicole Nelson who has driven a lot of the research and trial process and provided in depth statistics and analysis. We had the opportunity to work with the Liddon’s during their Pearls and Plates festival in April which gave us huge insights and helped refine landing zones,” explained Dean Kingi, Director of Swan River Seaplanes.

The journey kicks off from the heart of Perth’s CBD, with travellers treated to breathtaking coastal views as they head north towards the Batavia Coast. Along the way, passengers are treated to a low-level orbit over The Pinnacles Desert, granting them unparalleled views of the stunning limestone formations.

Upon touching down in the Abrolhos Islands, tour participants embark on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Liddon Pearl Farm, nestled on Post Office Island. Here, they witness the mesmerizing pearl harvesting process and have the chance to acquire exquisite, handcrafted jewellery and artwork from the island’s boutique gallery.

Liddon Pearl Farm harvest

The Abrolhos Islands are renowned for their fresh produce, particularly the Western Rock Lobster. Travelers savour a delectable BBQ lunch featuring fresh seafood and condiments, paired with Margaret River wines, all against the backdrop of the lagoon’s turquoise waters.

With the opportunity to take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, guests become fully immersed in this remote paradise, feeling a world away from civilization.

Hand-made Jewellery and Artwork

Continuing the seaplane journey north, passengers take in the sights of the northern group of islands, including the historic Batavia Shipwreck, before circling back towards the mainland, where the stunning Hutt Lagoon awaits.

Flying at a lower altitude than conventional fixed-wing aircraft, the seaplane provides an unparalleled view of the world-famous Pink Lake, creating a truly spectacular sight.

Pink Lake from the seaplane

After a brief stop in Geraldton for afternoon tea and refuelling, the return flight to Perth begins, once again showcasing the stunning coastline. The journey also includes a full orbit of Rottnest Island, Western Australia’s most visited holiday destination, offering panoramic views of its bays, beaches, and salt lakes from the sky.

As the plane descends over Perth City, travellers have a final photo opportunity to capture sights like Elizabeth Quay, Optus Stadium, and the picturesque city skyline before touching down on the tranquil Swan River.

This action-packed day of sightseeing and adventure concludes, leaving participants with an unforgettable bucket list experience. The Ultimate Abrolhos Island and Pink Lake Seaplane Adventure is scheduled to depart at 8:30 am and return to Perth by 5:30 pm, with plans to launch in early 2024.

The Pelsaert Group of the Abrolhos Islands

Since 2017, Swan River Seaplanes has been delivering world-class flights and tours directly from the Swan River in Perth CBD, and they are the exclusive aviation operator departing from the city. The company also operates during the winter from their base in Broome, bridging the gap between Broome and various Kimberley destinations.

“We utilise seaplanes in Broome to provide holidaymakers with convenient access to their luxury boats in some of the most remote parts of the Kimberley, and even Australia. Our comfortable range of 500-800 km would typically take days to cover by boat,” said Dean Kingi.

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